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Searching for Hidden Leaks in Your Plumbing


Hidden leaks are among the major plumbing and heating portland oregon issues in the house but are most often overlooked because usually they are out of sight, but this can be the most detrimental kinds of leaks in the house because they can cost you a lot of money since they are not seen and also cause health problems. Hidden leaks occur behind the walls of the house and on the sides of the pipes next to the wall so the leaks are not easily seen. Hidden leaks are also very common in joints and this is why wherever there is a joint it is important to use insulation materials to help seal the joint completely. Here are tips to help identify hidden leaks in your plumbing.

Check the walls – the easiest way of identifying a hidden leak is by looking at the walls. When there is a leak the walls will absorb the moisture and become wet changing in coloration. The leak will usually be where there change in color on the wall so it will not be easy to spot. There may also be mold growing on the walls if they become wet. When this continues for long the growth of the mold and mildew will cause adverse health problems to you and your family members and especially children. 


Using the water meter – you can use the water meter to check if you have any leaks in the house. This though can only be used if you have a substantial leakage happening. You check the water meter before you go to sleep and early in the morning or when you are leaving for work and when you get back home. Provided the water has not been used then the meter should not change readings. This method however does not tell you where the leak it exactly but it confirms that there is one.


Using a plumber – since a plumber is more professional there are better ways they are going to identify your leak.


• Using thermal imaging – in this process they are going to use cameras with thermal imaging capabilities to know where the water is leaking from. This method is also referred to as Thermography as the camera uses heat to identify where the leak is.


• Using Acoustic leak detection techniques – this is where they use acoustic instruments that have microphones which help to amplify the sound of moving water so that they can identify where a leak is. There are different instruments to identify different leaks, either big leaks outside or small leaks in the house


• Tracer Gas detection – this method is very advanced. The pipes are emptied and a tracer gas is introduced in the pipes. The gas is non toxic so it won’t harm you. The tracer gas is then searched for using other equipment and it will emerge where there is a leak.