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Plumbing scams you should beware of


Plumbing is a business. Plumbing again requires knowledge and precision; there is no room for felony and estimating. Some business persons are more than eager to make huge bucks but will deliver quarter of the bucks. To this, they make scams that you will not realize unless you have prior knowledge. Thus, before you decide on hiring someone to fix that leaking plumbing pipe in Portland, you need to understand first how to save yourself from possible scammers. Here is a list of the scams;

‘Three dressed up as a nine’ scam


This scam as it sound is cored on overcharge of materials. It is where a plumber will give a paperwork listing the items that are needed for the services. What he/she does after providing with the paper work is go for low cost materials, say like three times cheaper than what was quoted on the paper work. This means that all the profit is what he pockets. To cancel out this, it is wise that you as the client takes the list of materials required and purchase them on your own. Run into a hardware and order what is provided by the plumber. That way you are sure that you money was used well. Alternatively, inspect the materials before the plumber installs them and ensure they are of the make he/she recommended for. For instance, if he/she listed PEX tubing, ensure that is what is about to be used.


The ‘busy beaver’ scam


This kind of scam will be easy to notice and requires quick action before all is lost on your side as a client. It is a situation where your plumber gets to work as soon as the contract is signed. Days after, you get to see new faces accompanying him/her. In most cases, when provoked they say that there is a service they cannot work on by themselves. The new faces are certainly his friends or family and are just helping them make easy many. Consult with a local licensing to know what a certified plumber like the one you have hired can and cannot do. You will be surprised that there is nothing they cannot do yet are claiming thy needed a second or even third help while this you were not told before signing the contract. 


The ‘golden spoon’ scam


This scam happens as a judgment of the plumber when they as navigating your premise. They see that you are living in a rather luxurious house and hence judge that you are fully loaded in your pockets. Well, even if that was the case, you are not looking to overspending for nothing.


The ‘excessive estimator’ scam


This is in that plumber who tells ‘no problem’ in all that you say. Later, he/she never gives paperwork until he is done working. The quotation they present comes as a shocker to you. An overcharge!