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Common Plumbing Disasters waiting to happen


Plumbing problems are one of the most common tragedies that you can have in the house. This is because they can cause flooding all over the house and the yard, without rain. It is imperative that you take care of your plumbing system and plumbing devices or machines so that you avoid plumbing disasters and destruction of your home. In that case, you might need the help of companies like emergencyplumbingcontractors.com to deal with your portland plumber issues. Here are some common plumbing disasters that you can easily avoid.


Sump pump – this is that small pump in the basement that helps to remove water from the basement whenever there is water flowing in there. The sump pump, just like any other machine can fail without your knowledge. Have a battery back-up sump pump for that day when the pump just decides to fail. The sump pump can fail because of the circuit that supplies it not having power even when there is power in the house. There could also be other problems like the discharge pipe not working properly or the pump could just be old. The sump pump lasts about seven years so after that it could start developing problems. You can make sure your pump is in order by having it regularly checked out and inspecting it often.


Water heater – the water heaters are made to refill automatically when empty until they have enough water and the valve closes. This means therefore that if the system fails then the tank will allow water to be flowing in and out of it continuously. This can be tragic and especially if the water heater is inside the house as most are. This can lead to flooding in the house or literally raining from the roof of your house. This can cause damage to all the other rooms in the house. Make sure that the water heater is replaced when it gets old and also it is inspected regularly to ensure it is in proper working conditions. Check to see that there is no corrosion around the heater. 


Gas leaks – gas is important in the house since it is the most efficient means to cook with. It is on the other hand really dangerous because one slight mistake can lead to your house turning into a ball of fire. The biggest problem with gas pipes and leaks are DIY enthusiasts. It is important to keep off the gas system to avoid loss of your home and even those of your neighbors or deaths. Gas problems should always be handled by a professional especially when it a problem to do with the piping to the house. Call a plumber to come and take a look at what the problem could be.


What incase a disaster happens?


Call for help from your neighbors and also call the professionals to come fix your problem. Also look at avoiding such problems in the future.